# 1 Prairie Limber Ammo Chest

#1 Praire Limber

DESCRIPTION: Again special thanks to Don & Jan Lutz and Matt Switlick for providing dimensions of the ammo chests used on the 1851 Model Prairie Limbers. Originals show a canvas cover was used  on the lids surface, however we have decided to use a copper lid cover, like that of the field limbers ammo chest. These chests are made of black walnut including the lid.

Dimensions for the First Model Prairie Limber Ammo Chests are:

Outside Length/ 18"    Inside / 16.5"

Outside Width / 11"    Inside  / 9.5"

Outside Height / 9.75" Inside depth / 9"

Lid is 12.25" Wide  x 19" Long x 1" thick


Irons are primed and painted gloss  black. There are two options for the finish of the wooden components of the chest:


Priced at $800.00 EACH

Prices subject to change without notice.


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