#1 Field Gun Carriage

#1 Field Gun Carriage

DESCRIPTION: The #1 Field Carriage built in its original configuration from the Alfred Mordecai Standardization Program of 1841 would be modified to absorb the violent recoil encountered by the new rifled ordnance in 1861. Visually, the major difference was the omission of the “step” in the trail stock, and method of attachment of the implement hooks on its understraps. We can build either one at the customers request.

The carriage is made from kiln dried white oak & ash with laminated trail, cheeks and axle body. The steel axle tree is available in two configurations:

  • With straight axle arms 2” diameter from shoulder to linch, drooped for correct ‘cant’ of the wheels.
  • Or tapered axle arms 3” down to 2” diameters from shoulder to linch, where the wheels 'cant' is achieved by the taper itself.

Irons are primed and painted a gloss black. There are three options for the finish of the wooden components of the carriage and wheels.

  •    1st - Primed and painted with Behr Brand semi-gloss acrylic latex enamel in an olive drab.
  • 2nd - Customer supplies a gallon of their own paint preference or battery shade of OD.

Priced at $11,800.00 with straight axle arms.

Prices do not include sponge & rammer, worm, prolonge or sponge bucket.

Prices subject to change without notice.


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