#1 Prairie Limber

#1 Praire Limber

DESCRIPTION: With special thanks to Don & Jan Lutz and Matt Switlik who own surviving units of the 1851 Model Prairie Limbers and shared dimensions and photos with us we have manufactured the model pictured above. Although there were  a few items left to interpretation and modification, we are 95% satisfied with it's construction.  Wheels have 12 spokes and are 42" diameter, with a ½" x 2" tyre and a shallow 2 ½ degrees of dish.

Irons are primed and painted satin black. There are three options for the finish of the wooden components of the carriage and wheels.



The two ammo boxes are not included in price.

Priced at $4,850.00 with straight axle arms.

Prices subject to change without notice.


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