#1 57" Field Carriage Wheels

#1 57

DESCRIPTION: Incorporating White Oak and White Ash woods, our wheels differ greatly from others on the market. Attention to detail and using the technology of the time, we use methods of construction that no other wheelwrights are performing today. These methods include:

  • The use of dowel pins between the felloes (or fellies) to prevent them shifting from side to side as the wheel ages.
  • A crown at the hubs (or knaves) center to prohibit water from entering the spoke mortises.
  • Brow bands are set .25 inches from the where the spokes enter the knave to create a channel for water to flow down the crown and away from the wheel.
  • We do not use hydraulic tyre or band setting equipment so no crushed and splintered knaves, instead we still use the heat and shrink to fit process of the time.
  • Correct dish and tyres made from 2.75 inch; x .5inch stock.
  • Hand swaged tyre bolts with uss washers and 1 square nuts.
  • We part from the specs. With a signature method of flush setting both the linch and shoulder knave bands, this makes for a streamlined look.
  • We can press straight, tapered or your custom boxes in our knaves.

Irons are primed and painted gloss black. There are two options for the finish of the wooden components of the wheels.

  • 1st- Primed and painted with Berh Brand semi-gloss acrylic latex enamel paint in a dark olive drab.
  • 2nd- -Customer supplies a gallon of their own paint preference or battery shade of OD


Prices subject to change without notice.


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